#AUPoems #Pocketsizepoetry

#AUPoems #Pocketsizepoetry

I've had a nightmare

Written by: 
Marcus G. Monroe 

My Dearest Mr. King, I've had this reoccurring nightmare once again...

And I believe this all stems from the so called, American dream, which is only a grand lie...

Devised to keep the weak confused. The poor and down trotted of America abused.

Yet the privileged few of this nation constantly consume, while scraps and crumbs are only left to fight over.

We are blindfolded as they pat our shoulders saying, "Job well done. Here's some instant gratification in the form of funds that have been taxed."

But we're told there's a cost to live so the gratification that was earned is given right back.

A vicious cycle that never ceases to collapse...

And as I relapse, my mind tells me this nothing but modern-day slavery.

For There is no cost to life since Jesus paid the price. Not just for me, he died for every soul within humanity.

For in harsh truth, there is only a cost to want...

And those that rule over men for periods of time justify the what's and how to price them for gain.

Yet if we trust in Jesus, he has our every need. He provides everything, all that's required is asking in faith upon his holy name.

But alas, my dearest Mr. King it seems that, so many have only grown greedy.

That's why this American nightmare continues on constantly…

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