#AUfiction #pocketsizestory - I've always

#AUfiction #pocketsizestory

Title: I've always
Written by: Author Marcus G. Monroe
Inspired by: The song 'Changes' by Stewrat

Stirring within myself, I hear the sensuous voice of my consciousness pleading to me, "Tell her you love her. Tell her you've always loved her."

Seconds transcend into an eternity and a day. The lightning flashes, capturing her attentive eyes, yet I hear the thunder rolling between our immeasurable silence.

This foreboding sound reminds me of my passionate consciousness stirring, waiting for release...

Another bolt paints the sky with a flash of vivid colors, yet nothing compares to her beauty... And before the thunder claims the moment I gently grasp her hand mentioning, "I love you...I've always loved you."

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#AUfiction #pocketsizestory 


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