#AUfiction #pocketsizestory - Vagabond

#AUfiction #pocketsizestory


Written by Author
 Marcus G. Monroe 

Imagine if you will…
You’ve woken up from death; as you lay in a cramped alleyway, you see a vagabond crouching next to a large cardboard box motioning his hand for you to come close. As your awareness settles in you can also hear the bass and treble tones coming from behind a golden painted door.

Your awareness heightens as you recognize that the tune emanating from beyond the golden door is your favorite song echoing from this illustrious and elaborate place. As you press your ear close to the cold twenty-four golden karat painted frame you begin to realize that this mysterious golden door must be the entrance to a club spot; as you can faintly hear a vast crowd of people cheering and carrying on from within....
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