A unified collective of Horror - Two sentence stories

As Halloween creeps and crawls ever closer
we the members of AU - Authors United 
decided to get in the creative spirit of Halloween. 
Down below is a collection of two sentence horror stories 
From our members

Cue the nightmares....

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"As I looked beyond the space of the mirror containing him I vowed never to leave him for fear that he would forever be alone. It was then, that his hand reached out of the mirror grasping my soul pulling it back into the reflection of what he was."
Featured AU- Author

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- Excerpt From : Chasing The Darkness -
"Barris walked into his room, rubbing his eyes, and almost tripped over the pair of black cats staring at him. He froze in horror as he knew there hadn't been any cats in the entire castle for years."
Featured AU - Author
Michael D. Nadeau

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Groggily waking up, the voice of your consciousness moans ever so loudly to you, “Arise, my time is now.” Involuntarily lifting up as you look about in the darkness of dusk you dismiss this voice, until you feel a callous claw shaped hand clinching upon your shoulder then you feel its harsh breath upon your ear as it groans,
“I said, Arise!!!”
AU - Author
Marcus G. Monroe
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Ignoring the guard outside the gate, I pushed open the door of the mansion. To my horror, I found his severed head on a table, smiling at me as he spoke," I had warned you sir."
Featured AU - Author & Blogger
Aditya Singh

We shall continue these brief, bizarre, and bloodcurdling stories 
Till the end of Halloween
Stay tuned 
If you dare....
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